A Privileged Life

For the most part I use this blog to tell you of my own writing, however today I want to talk a little about the best part of having set up Alfie Dog Fiction. Over the course of taking on over 250 writers around the world I have the privilege to read some of the best fiction you could find anywhere, including some undiscovered writers who very much deserve to be discovered.

Yesterday saw the launch of a book that is one of the most thrilling action reads I have read. Bearing in mind that I have recently read Dan Brown’s Inferno and have read all his other works, the The Sound of Pirates by Terence Brand is as exciting as any Dan Brown novel and significantly better written. There were times in the reading process where I found myself out of breath or holding my breath, but the author, very cleverly provides a good mix of pace to enable the reader to recover in time for the next burst of excitement. This is a book which deserves to have been picked up by a big publisher and I am honoured that I have had the chance to bring it out. Although it is quite a long book, at 150,000 words, the momentum is sustained do that the reader is happy to plough on meeting one challenge after another. It brings to life the writing edict ‘when the reader thinks you’ve thrown everything at the hero and it can’t possibly get any worse, then tighten the screws and make it get worse, then tighten the screws again…and again’.

I gasped, sighed and punched the air – sometimes literally as well as metaphorically – as I backed the hero in his chase.

If you aren’t ready to face a whole novel then Terence Brand has written a whole series of short stories using some of the same characters and they are all worth reading.

Find The Sound of Pirates HERE

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