A Radio Interview with a Difference

Next week I have another radio interview with Radio York, but this will be an interview with a difference. Alfie will be going with me. Now, if you’ve been paying attention  you’ll know that Alfie is a dog. Why is a dog being interviewed? Because it’s his book launch of course. His name is even on the cover of the book. I think I’ve reached one of those ‘When did you last see your father?’ presumptive questions. Except in my case it’s more ‘When did you cross the line of sanity?’.

He has never been on radio or television before. Shadow and Megan were both televised at different times, but neither interview relied on them speaking. I don’t know whether I’m more concerned that Alfie won’t say anything or that he will! It will be live so there won’t be any chance to edit what he says and I can guarantee it won’t be scripted.  I’m ready to translate if he needs me to or to speak on his behalf if he chooses to be the strong silent type.

In the meantime he’s off to Crufts and will be collecting his Press Pass so he can report on events through his blog. It’s not a bad life being a dog!

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