All in the Space of a Week

The Internet is a wonderful thing. Last week I told you the problem I’d run into with the cover of The Appearance of Truth and this week and this week I am delighted to reveal the new cover to you. I’ve not rolled this out yet as I wanted you to be the first to see it. Once again I am indebted to the brilliant Katie Stewart of Magic Owl Design who has TheAppearanceofTruthFINAL smallmanaged to encapsulate so much of the book in the artwork. I’m delighted with it and will be releasing it to book distributors over the next few days. I’m now going to plough on with test recordings for the audio book and a decision as to whether I’m good enough to do it myself or whether I need to take on a narrator. I’d love to read it myself and am told I have a good voice for it. However, what I can’t decide yet is whether I can inject sufficient character and consistency into the different personalities. I’m not so concerned about the English ones, but with so many friends and family in Australia I’d hate to make a complete hash of the Australian accents. You may find me on the phone to you over coming weeks saying ‘Just talk to me and let me listen to how you say things.’ Either that or I’m going to be spending a lot of time on YouTube finding clips voiced by Australians!

I’ve also updated my own biography. Up until now, except in some of the books I co-author with Alfie, my biography has been relatively serious. It was largely a function of lack of confidence in calling myself a writer. However, eight books later I think I can safely say that is what I am. I’ve now written my biography with a lighter touch and a little more personality. If you would like to read it then you can find it HERE.

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