An Interview with Connor Bancroft

By way of introduction, Connor Bancroft is the freelance journalist turned private The Lifetracerinvestigator who first comes to attention of the public in my forthcoming book ‘The Lifetracer’. Given that the questionnaires I ask characters to complete, before they can appear in a book, are quite lengthy I will split this over a couple of posts.

Today I will give you some of the general background to Connor and then in the next entry I’ll give you some of the magazine type questions he answered.

Connor is a character for women readers to fall for. As an author I sometimes get asked if I fall for any of my characters and the answer is of course yes, if I write them that way. When you draw a fit healthy bloke in his late 30s, 6 feet tall with lightish brown hair, blue eyes and just enough stubble to look attractive, who wouldn’t fall for him? Connor was born in Haxby, a village not far outside York on the north side, to a farming family. He’s the youngest of three children and was named after his Irish maternal grandfather. He still lives in Haxby, but in a cottage rather than on the farm. His elder brother has largely taken over the farming from their father, although Connor drives a black Mitsubishi L200 pickup for the odd times he lends a hand.

Connor studied journalism at university then came back to work on The Press in York. He gave up being employed in 2003 so that he could diversify. He now works as a freelance journalist for a range of magazines and newspapers including York Press. He works from home and loves the freedom of the freelance life.

Connor is divorced from Jayne. She complained he was a workaholic and in fairness he is, but then he loves his work. He married in 1999, when he was 23, Jayne left in 2006 taking their son Mikey (born 2001). He would have liked more children and is unashamedly devoted to his son, who is a real chip off the old block. He sees Mikey every other weekend and would love it to be more. He takes Mikey out on jobs and treats him like a partner. Mikey is very close to Tammy, Connor’s Border Collie companion. Connor got the dog as part of the separation. Tammy is devoted to him and goes out on all his work assignments.

Is there a love in Connor’s life apart from Mikey, Tammy and work? He started seeing Maggie, a librarian at The Press, a while ago and he’s been steadily regaining his belief and trust in relationships. He met Maggie through a friend.

He enjoys reading, his work, photography, and music. He gets excited about news and organic farming.

Nothing much makes him angry –he’s fairly placid, except when his ex-wife plays games with him over seeing Mikey.

He has three weak spots, Mikey, Tammy and wine and one real fault, he works too hard.

‘The Lifetracer’ will be out mid-October. Meanwhile why not read ‘The Appearance of Truth’ available HERE

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