An Update on My Own Writing

I have been so busy running the series of posts on writing technique that I have not updated you on progress on my own work. I am delighted to say that that the second draft of the Pet Dogs Democratic Party Manifesto is complete and so are the illustrations.

I’m particularly excited about the illustrations which have been done by the lovely Katie Stewart of Magic Owl Design I can’t wait to reveal the cover to you, but that is a few weeks away yet. As with all important political campaigning, the manifesto will launch when the UK general election is called next year, by which time the website will be set up and party membership will be open to anyone wishing to join, although it is more expensive for cats!

One of the things I love about writing is being able to lose myself in another world. A world that, for the time I am absorbed in it, is utterly believable however far removed from reality it is, and however insane it might make me look in the real world. It’s funny, writers of fantasy are not generally thought to be the wrong side of the sanity line, but basing your work on the voice of your dog and making it just that little bit believable, leaves the divide rather less certain!

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