Article Writing

I used to write a lot of articles for business magazines. The one which received the most comment was ‘The Salesman Always Rings Twice’ outlining the woes of being bombarded by sales calls. It caused much amusement amongst my peers and led salesmen to take an altogether different approach. I say ‘salesmen’ not because of an assumption that they are all male, but because in my article I said the most likely way to get to see me was if they were tall, dark and handsome with big brown eyes. I started having salesmen sending me their photos as part of their pitch! A novel approach, but one that even then didn’t get them what they wanted.

These days I do still write articles, some for business, but more for fun. I write every fortnight for the main dog newspapers about Entlebucher Mountain Dogs and for newsletters on the same subject. The main article writing I do now is about the company Alfie Dog Fiction and our wide ranging activities. I also still write and edit articles within the legal technology sector, a far cry from my day to day publishing and fiction writing… or maybe not!

The strangest article I’ve ever written was for the Devon Business Review about using a local gym, which saw me using the gym regularly for a period of time to outline not just the process, but the benefits. Now my main exercise is dog walking, where I can enjoy discussing a plot or idea with the dogs as I walk. They make remarkably good sounding boards and have come up with many good ideas, including the company name!

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