Being a fiction writer is such fun

What other job pays you to live in a fantasy world. Ok, so the hourly rate is not very high and I spend half my life talking to the dogs, but it is possibly the most privileged existence of any job. In between editing incoming stories to I am working hard on… hmmm … ‘helping’ Alfie to make preparations for the launch of his political manifesto in the spring. He has been working on setting up his facebook page today and though it is early days he is quite pleased with progress Please drop by and encourage him by ‘liking’ the page.

(1)1Dog1Vote colourHis book cover is complete and will be unveiled soon and his book is about to go through its final edit. All he needs to do now is set up his website for membership enquiries and put together his range of merchandise  – and this is work! For those of you not on Facebook, here is one of the images he will be using to promote the party.


When Alfie asked me for an author profile to include with his at the end of the book I had great fun writing it. This is how I described myself:

Rosemary J. Kind is quite clearly mad. She has now co-authored two books with her dog and assists him with the technology for writing his diary. She is the only person we know who has called her business after her dog, and she is utterly devoted to developing the Entlebucher Mountain Dog breed in the UK, having first come across it in 1998 in the Encyclopaedia of Dogs.

She has published five books in her own right including one non-fiction book ‘Negotiation Skills for Lawyers’, one book of poetry ‘Poems for Life’, two novels ‘The Appearance of Truth’ and ‘The Lifetimer’ and a humorous look at travelling on the London Underground ‘Lovers Take up Less Space’. She lives in North Yorkshire with her long-suffering husband and three dogs.

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