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The Lifetracer

When Connor Bancroft is asked to investigate a death threat, sent on a countdown clock, he is unwittingly drawn into a complex story of revenge. He uncovers a series of murders, apparently linked only by the clock left with the victim. Connor is more used to dealing with infidelity than murder and is nowhere close to solving the crimes. Now, his eight year old son, Mikey’s life is in danger and Connor has little time left to find out – Who is The Lifetracer?

Alfie's Woods

Alfie is fascinated when Hedgehog is recaptured following his escape from the Woodland Prison. Too young to understand money laundering, Alfie assumes that Hedgehog should be given sympathy for washing his money. Hedgehog, overwhelmed that any other creature should care about him, finds the strength to change his life. As an ex-convict Hedgehog meets with opposition at every step and it is only the faith of his friends and their unwavering support that enables him to turn his life round. Alfie’s Woods is a story of the power of friendship and the difference it can make to all of us.

The Appearance of Truth

Lisa Forster’s birth certificate belonged to a baby who died. Her apparently happy upbringing was a myth and her parents had a dark secret. With Pete Laundon’s help Lisa sets about searching for the truth. She follows up all possible routes, until with no options left she goes to the newspapers for help. After 30 years, who if anyone knows: Who is Lisa Forster? Why was she never told? And who was the baby who died? The Appearance of Truth is the gripping tale of one woman’s search for identity.

New York Orphan

From fleeing the Irish Potato Famine, to losing his parents on the ship to New York, seven-year-old Daniel Flynn knows about adversity. As Daniel sings the songs of home to earn pennies for food, pick-pocket Thomas Reilly becomes his ally and friend, until he too is cast out onto the street. A destitute refugee in a foreign land, Daniel, together with Thomas and his sister Molly, are swept up by the Orphan Train Movement to find better lives with families across America. For Daniel will the dream prove elusive? How strong are bonds of loyalty when everything is at stake?

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