Essence of Humour

Cover paperbackEssence of Humour is a collection of short stories published by Alfie Dog Fiction. It contains 17 short stories from authors across the world including my own ‘A Test of Friendship’ which shows the length a young single woman might go to when her body clock is ticking.

My husband is reading the paperback version at the moment and as he laughed out loud I found myself having to keep asking him ‘Which one are you reading now?’ The point he was rocking with laughter and couldn’t speak to me, I just knew he was reading the wonderful ‘Dear Mrs Golding’ by Lorraine Coverley – and if you don’t read the whole collection, I really do recommend downloading and reading that story it is brilliant.

The great thing with a collection is that when you come across stories you like you can always find more stories by those authors. It is only £1.99 to download and when I last looked £5.58 in paperback – although Amazon do seem to keep changing the price. You can find all versions HERE

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