It’s been a while

I am returning from hibernation now that spring is in the air. Most of the winter has been taken up with bringing up the most beautiful litter of puppies. At last, I am getting back on top of everything that was put aside to ensure their every need was met. I’ve not been idle and of course those of you who work with me on Alfie Dog Fiction or who read Alfie’s Diary will be well aware that normal service has continued. In the case of Alfie’s Diary, during the time of puppies, I blog at least 2 to 3 times a day and sometimes more. It means I don’t entirely stop writing but my mainstream fiction was put aside for a while.

Now that I’m back there are two key projects. I need to help Alfie put together the Pet Dogs Democratic Party Manifesto ready for publication and get back to writing my next novel. The latter involves completing the research, which in turn means going to America and THAT involves going on a plane! I used to fly all over the world, but then about 7 years ago I had a bad flight back to Belgium from England and it destroyed all confidence I had when it came to getting on a plane. Now I’m telling myself I’m getting older. Something is going to get me sooner or later, so developing an irrational fear (although completely rationalised in my mind) is all fairly pointless. Sitting behind a desk in an office, in the quiet hibernation of rural North Yorkshire, it is very easy to say ‘I’m going to face my fear’. It is an altogether different thing to say that when faced with 400 tonnes of metal which plans to defy gravity. I guess in the end I have to decide do I want to write the book enough to overcome my terror?

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