Necessary Evils

Necessary Evils

I’d love to tell you I haven’t been around as I’ve been writing, but then I’d love to tell you I look ten years younger and can still eat as much as I like too. Neither would be true. If only being a writer were just about the writing. Sadly, it’s not. Being a writer still involves all the boring routine things that the world thinks we leave behind as we opt for a more creative lifestyle.

There is still administration, tax, billing, accounts… Being a writer is as much a business as any other job, if rather less prone to making money.

One of the skills I’ve been learning is marketing. It’s amazing the difference it makes to sales when you actually tell the world about your books. I’ve been selling books at a rate I would not have believed possible only twelve months ago and I’ve only just begun. I’m trying to redesign my website. The emphasis is well and truly on ‘trying’ as I have been struggling for time and for that matter ability! I have a picture in my head of the wonderful outcome. Isn’t it frustrating when the finished item simply won’t look like the picture?

Anyway, the other necessary evil I’ve been addressing is making sure that my websites and other areas of life are compliant with the new General Date Protection Regulations in time for the deadline. The good news is I’m getting there, but it’s all eaten a chunk of time I’d rather have spent writing. You can find the new privacy policy HERE but like all the others in the world, it’s long, badly written and not great bedtime reading.

All things being equal (which they rarely are) I promise I’ll be back to real writing within a matter of days. Here is picture of me with Wilma to keep you going.

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