Inevitably once Christmas is out of the way my thoughts turn to the New Year and as they do I have a compelling need to list the things I want to achieve in the coming year. I’ve never been one to make a single New Year’s resolution and I’m not one to give up easily. This year on a business front there are a number of things I need to achieve for Alfie Dog Fiction.

Firstly, if we are to stay in business, I need to make sure we can comply with the changes to VAT legislation for Europe with effect from 1st Jan, but then for other parts of the world such as Japan which is jumping on the bandwagon later in the year. It is unrealistic for a small company to have to deal with individual tax authorities in every country, that alone becomes a full time job.

Secondly, the new system that I have been working on for a number of months needs to be completed and put in place. If I say here that I will finish it by 1st March then I have a target date to work to. I don’t like missing a deadline so hopefully it will drive me to complete the work. However, it has taken a lot longer than I had ever anticipated.

Thirdly I want to try different marketing initiatives to build sales. Any suggestions are always welcome.

Then of course there is my own writing. You already know that the PDDP Manifesto will be launched in March. I am also committing to writing at least the first 15,000 words of my novel. I hope to get much further than that, but I’d prefer to set a goal that is achievable than one that leaves me floundering. The final one that I am prepared to make public is that I am going to take the short story I have written recently for an anthology and turn it into a novella. Unusually, for me, it probably falls into the chic lit category, although the underlying story is a crime story. Once it’s written I will use it to test out some of the marketing options I want to explore. It will be an interesting exercise, but having written 4000 words it is calling out to be expanded and the ideas for it are already flowing.

You probably don’t need to know that for fun I plan to try to knit an Aran jumper, finish losing weight and increase my German vocabulary to 1500 words. Nor do you need to know that I am committing myself to training my dog, Aristotle, to be able to fetch a blanket and the telephone on command. He’s a very bright dog and more than capable of learning. The problem is that I’m not the world’s best dog trainer so don’t always know how to build him up to these things. Those are all just for fun, but do help to make sure I take time away from my desk and stretch myself in other directions.

Right then, I’ve gone public with my resolutions so you can hold me to them. Now what are you going to do with 2015?

A very happy New Year to you all. Thank you for reading my work in 2014 and I look forward to your being able to continue sharing in the fun next year.

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