One Word Anthology

Today sees the official launch of the One Word Anthology in paperback. The anthology contains short fiction by thirty writers, including myself, who are part of an online forum called Talkback. The anthology came out of a monthly writing challenge we have to write a piece of short fiction or a poem on a word selected each month. There is no prize, except to judge the following month’s contest, but month after month we thoroughly enjoy taking part.

The anthology brings together some of the best of the pieces and at the same time raises money for a charity dear to us all. Medical Detection Dogs trains medical alert dogs in a number of spheres, including one that is a very real lifesaver for one of our own number. They also train dogs to detect cancer cells in the very earliest stages, when there is the highest chance of a full recovery.

We brought the anthology out as an ebook a few months ago but have now been able to bring out the paperback through Alfie Dog Fiction. If you would like to buy a copy of the anthology you can find it HERE


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