Our First Book Fair

IMG_0495Saturday was an interesting experience as I ran my first proper stall at a Book Fair. The book fair was in Malton, North Yorkshire and was part of the Ryedale Book Festival. Although I’d registered my interest in taking a stall they were all taken, until the day before. I received an email on Friday afternoon to say that a stall had become available. Fortunately, having run a smaller scale stall at a village event I had already prepared the materials required. I’ve produced poster version of some of our book covers and hand outs about Alfie Dog Fiction, as well as the book marks I had printed personally for my own books. I set off at 7am armed with 4 boxes of books and other paraphernalia and arrived at 8 to set up. I wasn’t the first to arrive, nor was I the last. It took my just over half an hour to get the stall looking as good as I could make it, together with a great deal of nervous energy. My first sale was before the event opened to the public to another stall holder, which gave me confidence for the day.

Overall sales were slow. I lost sales to a man who found he had no money and another stall holder who was going to buy something if she sold anything herself, but sadly she didn’t. I came away cold, but having broken the barrier of being a first timer. I don’t think I got anything particularly wrong, although I learnt a lot from the experience. My first learning was to invest in some book stands on which not only can I display the books, but also to show a little more information to help the buyers to see what type of book each is, crime, feel good etc. Now I need to find other opportunities at which I can put into practice all I learnt from the first experience.

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