Planning a Book Launch

Bookmark - ready for the launch

Bookmark – ready for the launch

Planning a bool launch is a fairly new idea to me. I’ve moved accidentally from writer to book publisher and I’m having to learn quickly. We have our biggest book launch yet for another writer in less than two weeks’ time and as I write this I am nervously waiting for the books to be delivered from the printers. However, at the back of my mind I am planning my own book launch for The Lifetracer. It has occurred to me that as this book is set in and around York and I live in the area then it might be the right time to do a proper ‘live’ book launch, as opposed to one on the internet.

Meeting people and talking to them on the internet is easy. If no one turns up then somehow although disappointing it doesn’t feel so bad as sitting in a room which is all ready, glasses of wine filled, books set up and finding yourself all alone. To be fair, I haven’t done an internet launch to find I was on my own so there is no good reason to suspect that if I did one in person it would be like that. The question is, should I do it in the local pub, where I know people will turn out just at the mention of a free drink, or should I go for a different venue?

I could ask the library in the place the lead character lives, but then how embarrassing will it be if no one turns up? I could go slightly further afield into the centre of York but then I’m going well and truly outside my comfort zone.

Putting pen to paper is only one small part of writing. I used to wonder why publishers’ timescales, from a book being agreed to actual publication, were so long. After six months publishing books I am already realising that to do things properly the timescales I have been working to are unrealistic. In amidst my own book launch I have two Christmas collections to bring out and if I don’t get down to it, they’ll be hitting the streets in time for Easter!

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