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I dabble in most types of writing and in many ways my first love was poetry. I have written and read poetry since childhood, although was somewhat put off when in primary school. We’d read ‘Stig of the Dump’ in class and I then wrote a poem based on the story. When I handed my book in, my teacher, Mrs Lamb, wrote underneath ‘next time write where you have copied something from’. Try as I might, I could not get her to believe I had written it myself. I went away from that experience thinking ‘what is the point of writing poetry if that is the response I get?’

It was only when I was 16 and a school friend of mine died suddenly that I started writing poetry again, this is the poem I wrote in her memory:


There’s a cautious type of ticking 
from a clock that’s never slow,
as it tells you all the time you have
until you have to go. 
Until it’s time to take your leave
from places that you love
and move along the bitter track
to timelessness above.
Then the ticking’s over.
The clock has finally chimed.
The ash upon the roses
makes beauty now refined.
At last there was a reason,
yes, even at the end,
no word of explanation,
the growing of a friend.  

Written in memory of Louise Major, a dear school friend, who died at the age of 16.

© Rosemary J. Kind 1982

RJK Age Concern poetry prizeI carried on writing poems and always said when I had 50 that I thought were good enough I would have them published. Eventually, following winning a competition run by Age Concern and finding people wanting to buy copies of the winning poem, I brought out a collection to raise money for that charity. My Mother found the picture of me being awarded my prize.

The book of poetry is still on sale both in hard copy www.poemsforlife.co.uk and as an ebook (HERE) and all proceeds from sales go to support the work of what is now Age UK and the work they do to help the elderly.

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