Radio Interview

It’s amazing how quickly three-quarters of an hour goes when you are chatting to a good presenter. Anna Wallace from BBC Radio York put me totally at ease as we talked about everything from my career before writing and publishing to my breeding Entlebucher Mountain Dogs. Of course, we managed to squeeze in some about my books, and setting up Alfie Dog Fiction. When it came down to it there was so much to tell her, so much to tell you all, about the exciting things which are happening almost on a daily basis. Even then I came away thinking ‘Oh why didn’t I mention that?’ but we simply ran out of time, to the point where she almost forgot to play my last choice of music.

In advance of the show they ask for 6 little known facts about yourself that very few people know. If you run out of things to say they then use them to prompt interesting discussion. We didn’t get to use most of them. Of course we talked about Entlebucher Mountain Dogs, with a business named after my eldest, how could I not? And I had to mention being a Bay City Rollers fan as a child as that was one of my music choices. What you don’t learn on the radio was that I was once asked to go and run the television station in Beirut. I would have been paid ‘danger money’ and had trips back to the UK paid every couple of months, but I’m a coward and danger money just wasn’t enough to tempt me! Neither did you learn that I once walked round Wigston Magna wearing an advertising board for Larry Grayson attending the ‘Buy a Brick’ campaign raising money for building the Age Concern day centre in Wigston. Together with my other little known facts, I’ll save those for another day.

You can listen to the show if you missed it by going to Anna Wallace on 3rd June 2013 – I am on from 2pm onwards.

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