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Some of you will already know my crime fiction novel ‘The Lifetracer’. Some of you took the time to tell me where I had made mistakes. I am grateful to the frankness of those readers and I’m delighted to say I’ve gone back and rewritten it to bring it up to the standard of my other work. As a thank you to you my loyal readers, whether you bought it first time around or not, I’m offering it free for five days so that you can download a copy at no cost to you.

Now that the book is as good as my others, I want to start advertising it to encourage those who don’t know my work to try it. However, I need your help. Please, when you’ve downloaded and read the book would you be so kind as to go back onto Amazon and leave a review? It is only when a book starts to have current reviews that others start to take notice.

The story of The Lifetracer has always been a good one and now the editing means that the whole work is something I can be proud of. I hope very much that you are able to download a free copy and that you enjoy the book.

You can download it HERE

The Lifetracer

A death threat. An inexperienced private eye. Now his young son is in danger.

Connor Bancroft is one of life’s good guys, but he’s more used to dealing with infidelity than murder. Now someone has sent a countdown clock showing ‘Time to Death’. The police won’t take it seriously and Connor is called in to investigate. Soon other connected murders come to light and Connor tries to piece the case together.

As the clock is ticking down, Connor is unwittingly drawn into a complex story of revenge, but he is nowhere close to finding who sent the threat.

If you like rooting for an underdog, then you’ll love this book. Connor is struggling. Now Mikey, his eight-year-old son, is at risk and time is running out. – Can Connor find who’s behind the murders before it’s too late?

Who is the Lifetracer?

Download this book today and find out if Connor can save his son.

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