So Much Still to Learn

Many of my writing friends have found alternative ways to promote their writing, such as producing trailers of their books to put on YouTube. I suddenly though why don’t I produce a ‘Party Political Broadcast’ for the launch of the Pet Dogs Democratic Party Manifesto which comes out in March? To be honest, I can think of several reasons why not, but am valiantly trying to overcome each hurdle in turn.

What software can I compile and edit it with? Buying video editing software is out of the question, so I started to investigate what actually came with my Mac. It turns out that if I can work out which buttons to press, iMovie is quite flexible.

What shall I film with? I had thought that I would use a webcam as I have for the videos I’ve taken of the puppies when Shadow has had litters, but iMovie cannot read the files that I create with that, so it was back to the drawing board. It left the choice of my aging iPhone or my digital camera. Fortunately I could still find the instruction book for my camera and could remind myself how to take movie footage. I did a test run and was delighted to find that iMovie can read the files.

The script was the easy bit. I have simply used sections of the book in condensed it to cover three key topics. The script may yet be too long but that will be discovered when we record the audio for which I do have Audacity software and can convert it to mp3 files. Audacity lets you edit the file so if it runs too long I can always cut sections. It also lets you see exactly what audio comes at what point so that I can match it to the film I compile.

Now to the film – they say never work with animals or children. Thankfully, for this project I can dispense with the latter but not the former. Two of my dogs will be auditioning for parts. They have both read their scripts and despite their threats to ad lib I am hoping that the promised treats will help to focus their minds. What could possibly go wrong…?

The final film will be a combination of still images and movie and as long as I can work out the software, film the dogs and edit the resulting footage, it will go live to coincide with the book launch on 9th March. I’ll update you next week on how filming goes. Perhaps I should put together a second film of the out-takes, it could be rather funnier than the real thing!

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