The Appearance of Truth – a side effect

It is always lovely to receive feedback from readers but to hear that my book has spurred them into a completely new activity is an unusual response. Having read the first chapter or two the reader realised she didn’t know the name of her own grandmother. She has now signed up to Genes Reunited and for the first time begun to research her own family tree. I hope for her sake that her circumstances turn out a little different to those of Lisa Forster. Thankfully, she is thoroughly enjoying the book and as with other readers from whom I have heard is finding it difficult to put down.

I originally thought of calling the book Genes Reunited, but decided on balance it would be better not to use another company’s brand name. It was about half way through writing that the working title changed to The Appearance of Truth.

I also had the opportunity to visit the town of my birth this weekend and it was interesting walking around the streets seeing some of the places that were the model for some of Lisa’s own reminiscences. For the book I moved the places a hundred miles and gave them different surroundings, but I could take you to the terraced houses that Pete lived in and some of the landmarks, on the walk they do around Billingbrook, recapturing Lisa’s childhood.

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