The Dig

One of my favourite short stories, of the ones I have written, is ‘The Dig’. It is based in the village in which I live and is very loosely based on history. Of course, when you read it you will start to find the extent you can have fun weaving fact into fiction to leave a story where it is not always clear where one stops and the other starts. Dan Brown is not the only author who can weave miraculous discoveries into his work – he was simply wrong about where certain artefacts were found.

It is fact that the White Battle took place near Myton in 1319 when Robert the Bruce’s men fought an English force under the Archbishop of York. It is also fact that there are bones on nearby Ten Mile Hill and it was at one point thought this might have been the scene of the battle, a couple of miles away. I walk close to Ten Mile Hill most mornings and have plenty of time for my mind to wander. All you need is a vivid imagination and the assistance of an imaginary archaeological team to undertake a dig for the TV hungry public, combined with unsolved mysteries from the time of Robert the Bruce and bingo – you’ve got yourself a story. Throw in the duck pond, the pub and a few locals and you can have a bit of fun.

I did have the pleasure of reading the story when doing a talk for the local WI. Thankfully, it went down well.

The Dig is available for download HERE

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