The Launch Event

The Lifetracer launch event went very well. We invented our own version of Cluedo, Choosing our favoured murder location, weapon and thinking about who might want to murder us. The winning location was a set for a tv murder drama, on the basis that no one would notice an additional body for some time. A pig farm was the runner up, with the expectation that the pigs would eat the body leaving no evidence. What I’ve never been sure on with the pig idea is what might happen to any jewellery etc that the victim was wearing, but now might not be the time to go into what would be involved in finding it. It does make more sense of people going round with metal detectors on fields that may have had pig slurry spread over them! Moving on… the favoured murder weapon was a daffodil bulb, for its toxic properties. We didn’t get as far as deciding how it was going to be disguised and that may not be one to think about for too long. The runners up were the good old icicle and stale German sour bread. I particularly like the bread idea, being reminded of the important properties of Dwarf bread in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels. Finally we moved on to who wanted to kill us and why? I decided asking who we wanted to kill could take too long. Although the runner up thought that in her case it was a bookshop assistant in Prague, due to a rather complex and irritating shopping trip just before closing time, the outright winner was a person masquerading as Lorraine Swoboda who thought the real one might want to kill her for stealing her life and identity. I have to say it was huge fun and I think everyone who took part had a great time. If you were not able to attend then you’ve missed out on winning a copy of the book and instead will need to go to The Lifetracer page on or Amazon in order to buy the book. It is available as always in a choice of electronic formats and in paperback.

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