The Lifetracer – Cover

You’re going to have to wait for the interviews with some of the characters to appear. I’m too excited about the cover. The wonderful Katie W Stewart has designed the cover. Katie, who writes exceptionally good fantasy fiction (do try Treespeaker to see for yourself) is also a very capable artist ( She did the drawing for the cover of ‘Alfie’s Woods’ for me as well. For ‘The Lifetracer’ I explained a little about the story and rather more about how some of the characters looked. The coverThe Lifetracer shows Connor Bancroft, freelance writer and private eye, his son, Mikey and his dog, Tammy. They are set against the backdrop of the Art Gallery in York and give a real flavour of the story and genre.

The launch date will be mid-October, by which time if you keep reading, you’ll hopefully feel like you already know the key characters and will be willing them on in their quest.

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