The Lifetracer – Launches Thursday 17th October

The LifetracerI am delighted to tell you that my crime novel The Lifetracer will go on sale on Thursday. We’re having an online launch. As I am on standby for a short notice trip to Switzerland it has been impossible to arrange the real book launch I would have liked. That is going to have to wait for my next novel, which means I had better get writing! If you would like to join the launch party you can follow this link to take part It runs from 12 noon to 2.30 pm and we’re going to have some competitions themed around ‘Cluedo’. If you want to think about it ahead of time I will be asking ‘Who has most reason to kill you and why?’ with the prize for the most amusing answer. Then there will be ‘Choose your murder location’ and finally ‘Choose your weapon’. I’m going Miss Scarlet, in the Ballroom with the Candlestick!

I love writing and there is nothing more rewarding than have someone telling you they have read one of your books and enjoyed it. What I hope I never have is anyone telling me that they have tried out my murder methodology. If I ever hear a court case where I have been cited as the inspiration for someone’s handywork then I may have to switch to writing romance.

With J K Rowling’s first crime novel, she resorted to extreme bad language and a theme of pop culture to attract an audience. I have not stooped to those levels. With the obvious exception of the fact I kill several people off, you should be safe to read my novel without fear of offence. Violent crime doesn’t have to be all that violent at the end of the day. That’s what I find scary about it. It is quite possible to murder without a gun or knife in your hand. I think that is to me what makes the whole thing terrible. These are murders anyone could commit. At last you can find out ‘Who is The Lifetracer?’

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