What exactly is it I do all day?

There were two stages to the process of setting up the company. The first one was very boring, it was best when I was producing Lovers Take up Less Space in paperback to do it under a company structure. It meant I had a company which wasn’t doing very much and a website that went with it. Then I had an idea!

Stage 2 was the important part of the process. I was frustrated that the genuine markets for short stories were decreasing and that many of my writing friends had excellent stories which had been published in magazines but which were no languishing in cyber-drawers doing nothing. I was also aware that I hadn’t come across an internet site offering pay per download short stories in the way that is common for music.

Alfie Dog front pageThe fact that I have a finance, law and IT background as well as being a writer gave me an opportunity to combine all those skills and fill the gap. When I initially launched the idea to the writing community I had no idea what sort of response it would receive. With a lot of support from some very dear writing friends the response was amazing and submissions soon start to come in of high quality material. Everything is read and if necessary edited before acceptance. We keep the standard high and many submissions are rejected. Some come back following extensive revisions and I have been impressed by the determination of writers to bring their stories up to the high standards we expect.

Some of our writers have won many awards and been widely published, while others are just starting out on their writing career and it is a privilege to be able to give them a helping hand on the way.

Our launch figures exceeded my wildest expectations. Within a year we are already carrying over 900 stories for more than 240 writers write across the globe. We’ve recently moved into full length ebooks and now paperbacks and the next year looks as exciting as the last.

There are few dull moments in my working day. Reading and editing stories can have me reaching for the box of tissues one minute and hiding under the table the next. I love our humour genre and anything that can make me laugh out loud is a sure-fire winner. I also find particular enjoyment is the ‘post-apocalyptic’ or more to the point ‘post modern society’ stories which seem scarily plausible and leave you wondering.

The site is going from strength to strength and if you haven’t taken a look or haven’t visited recently why not take a look and see what I get up to in my day job?


  2 comments for “What exactly is it I do all day?

  1. May 23, 2013 at 5:12 pm

    It does sound an interesting job.

    Sorry if I’ve added to the tissue expenditure!

    • Web065
      May 23, 2013 at 6:05 pm

      You and many others, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Guide Dog by Jeanne E Tepper probably cost the most in tissues. If you read it make sure you are on your own and don’t need to see anyone for half an hour!

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