What’s Coming Up?

When talking on the radio a few weeks ago I ended up talking about the crime novel I have written, because it is set in and around York. At that point I had not scheduled when it would move to the publication stage, but as with all these things, I was cornered and in a moment of weakness I said it would come out in the autumn. The reason I hadn’t scheduled a release date was that I had been too busy working on publishing work for other people to progress my own. Some of the responses I have had to my novel the Appearance of Truth have reminded me that I really need to spend time on my own work, as people enjoy reading it.

Anyway, there I was committing to publication of The Lifetracer in the autumn. Unless there is a very good reason, if I say I’m going to do something then I usually do it. The autumn then. That will be October. The September publication slots are already taken with books for other people. I’ve taken a deep breath and got the duster out. I’ve dug the manuscript  from the bottom of the computer pile and started to give it one final read before sending my baby out into the world.

The good news is, having left the story for a long time, I’ve read chapter one and am rather enjoying it. I’ve even found myself wanting to know what happens, which is strange when you spend months of your life writing it. My investigator is once again a newspaper reporter, although in this instance he is a freelancer who does some private investigation on the side. Most of his work has been around investigating marital infidelity, but Connor Bancroft is now  faced with something completely different… a death threat.

Don’t forget you can buy The Appearance of Truth HERE as either an ebook or a paperback.

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