Why did I start writing Alfie’s Diary?

Why oh why did I start? When we were getting Alfie as a puppy, I was in the early days of starting my full time writing career and thought that maybe writing about the new puppy would be a good way of making sure I wrote every day. A discipline. It went without saying that I should write it from his point of view. You only had to look at him to see what he was thinking and he’s got me down as slightly crazy right from the start. I initially planned for it to run for a couple of years and then that would be it. However, he had different ideas and seven years later he’s still going strong. He’s missed the odd day when I was unexpectedly in hospital and he didn’t have the password and he’s ‘sub-contracted’ a few days to Aristotle, but in general he likes to write it himself and diligently sits at the computer each day looking for inspiration.

He was fortunate enough to have a photo shoot with his computer, although the shoot wasAlfie at computer really my birthday present. He excelled and during his hour posed happily for many shots showing off his writerly talents.

You can find his diary at www.alfiedog.me.uk and the first year is available as edited highlights in book form HERE

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