With apologies to friends and family

I’m working towards producing The Appearance of Truth as an audiobook. I’ve looked at getting an experienced narrator to record the book for me, but at this stage I’m looking at doing it myself.

I’ve always been told I have a good voice and I enjoy amateur dramatics, so what’s to stop me? Years ago I used to enjoy reading for a talking newspaper for the blind and partially sighted. Who would have thought that might prove good experience for a later venture? I’ve bought the equipment and worked out where will be best for my studio. I’ve been working through the book doing a test read to iron out any glitches and see what voices I need… therein lies the problem!

Dear Australian friends and family, I apologise in advance if I totally murder my attempts at Australian accents. Given the cover is designed by an Australian it seems cruel that I’m not going to do the accent justice. If any of you get a weird phone call from me saying, “I’ve just rung to listen to your voice,” just humour me and talk. Fortunately I only need female voices for the Australians, but unfortunately I need three of different ages including a teenager.

I did wonder about getting one of you to record the lines, but so far I don’t feel I’ve quite given up hope. There must be plenty of clips on YouTube I could listen to, or old episodes of Neighbours. Will you notice if I get the wrong region of Australia or am I going to be so far off that that will be the least of your considerations? Perhaps I shouldn’t have told you. You may never have listened to the audio book to find out.

In the meantime I’m off to ‘perfect’ my Australian accents for Sylvia, Julie and Susie… Then of course there are the voices for the men in the book, but that’s another story!

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